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Conceptual Estimating

Design Assist and Value Engineering

Project Scheduling and Logistic Planning

Construction Waterproofing

Conceptual Estimating

Water damage is a problem that building owners and managers face. Droplets may appear to be harmless, but water causes damage in the process when it seeps into the cracks, for extended periods of time. Water can enter buildings via building materials (typically porous surfaces), cracks, poorly sealed splices, humidity, leaks, and damaged drainage systems. To find a solution, and avoid those issues from occurring in new structures, a preliminary estimate is a type of conceptual evaluation. It is the first attempt to determine how much the project will benefit. The S-BR pre-construction department has the expertise to enhance innovative designs and execute accurate budgets, to ensure that the new structures are constructed in a safe, effective manner.

Design Assist and Value Engineering

Anticipating the form of a future structure allows for collaboration while also avoiding design and obstacles. S-BR has incorporated a complete solution that comprises a seamless transition from main design to installation. The main advantages of the S-BR pre-construction team include faster project delivery, elimination of expenditures caused by inefficient designs, better management of the effects on the design budget, and best value options. The S-BR technical department has the experience and expertise, to allocate the relevant designs and value engineering to ensure a safe and long-lasting new construction.

Project Scheduling and Logistic Planning

Project scheduling and logistic planning is the detailed, specified outline, including the conceptual estimations and design assist/value engineering concepts. Primarily, an initial budget limit must be established before determining the project target cost. The project scope can be as specific as needed, detailing how long the construction will take and how it will be accomplished. The schedule must be validated by decision makers to establish the project timeframe and ensure that construction can begin on time. To complete the scope check and offer accurate information that concerns the new form, the S-BR pre-construction team will reflect the design team’s expectations.

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