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Concrete Restoration Contractor

S-BR is your got to concrete restoration contractor. We provide custom Design-Build Solutions to fit and meet your construction projects requirements. We love preserving and protecting timeless structures for future generations to enjoy and our knowledgeable team of architects and engineers has the experience to bring your project to completion.

S-BR's expert Concrete Restoration Team
Concrete Restoration Projects

We have grown a reputation in south Florida and are pleased to have a track record of successful challenging construction projects, pleased partners and clients we’ve helped by efficiently coordinating from conceptual estimation to project completion.


Structural engineering is an essential component of the construction industry. It involves the analysis, design, and evaluation of structures to ensure their safety, durability, and stability. Design-build solutions are becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry as they offer a streamlined approach to project delivery. This approach integrates the design and construction phases of a project, resulting in faster completion times, reduced costs, and improved quality.

Our structural engineers and design-build teams work together to provide innovative solutions to complex structural challenges. We use advanced technologies and techniques to analyze and design structures that meet the unique needs of each project. These solutions include concrete restoration, which improves the structural integrity of buildings by repairing and reinforcing damaged or deteriorated concrete elements. By leveraging our expertise, we can help ensure that buildings are safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

Contact us today about your project and find out how we can propel your construction to completion!

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A company firmly committed to its mission of making structures safer and durable. We work with General Contractors, Owners, Engineers and Architect to construct, waterproof, repair and strengthen any structure.