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Post Tensioning Repairs

Historic buildings are a vital part of our cultural heritage, but their age and wear and tear can lead to structural issues that need to be addressed. At S-BR we value the opportunity to work on these important timeless structures and always push to exceed expectations. Using the latest technology and industry techniques we provide post tensioning repair expertise in a multitude of ways.

One method we use for repairing these issues is post-tensioning, which involves the use of steel cables to reinforce and strengthen the building’s structure.

Post-tensioning repairs involve the installation of steel cables within the building’s structure. These cables are then tightened to apply pressure to the building’s weakened areas.

This process increases the building’s strength and durability, allowing it to withstand the stresses of time and weather more effectively.

Post-tensioning repairs offer several benefits to historic buildings, and we are proud to say that we have worked on some of the most challenging projects in our area. S-BR can help prevent further damage and deterioration, ensuring the building’s longevity.

Our post-tensioning repairs can improve the building’s overall structural integrity, making it safer for occupants and visitors alike. The process requires a high level of expertise and precision to ensure that the steel cables are installed correctly. Our experience in post-tensioning repairs can keep your project within budget and deadline.

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