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Concrete Repair

Corrosion Control

Post-tensioning Repairs (bonded and unbonded systems)

Moisture Control and waterproofing

Building Envelope Restoration

Historic Restoration

Concrete Repair

Concrete restoration is the procedure of restoring a hardened pavement that has lost its ability to maintain the concrete constituents together over time due to damage or exposure to the elements. Cracks, physical impacts, chipped surfaces, and surface scaling can all be repaired using concrete.

S-BR craftsmen have the expertise and understanding to choose and execute a wide range of repair materials. Each repair material, with its own installation methodology, will best suit the material and the repair scenario.

Concrete Repair services included:
• Structural & Non-Structural Cast-In-Place Concrete Repair
• Post-Tensioned Concrete Repair
• Precast Concrete Repair

Corrosion Control

A corrosion protection method is an approach for reducing corrosion, such as applying anti-corrosion coatings, water proofing, or other methods that make metal corrosion resistant. With the correct approaches, corrosion may be delayed, regulated, or even stopped in practically every environment.

S-BR Corrosion Control technologies are intended to provide corrosion protection both for new and existing structures. Craftsmen at S-BR have expertise to select and install a wide range of corrosion control techniques. Each technique has its own application for preventing corrosion in reinforced concrete and steel infrastructure.

Post-tensioning Repair(bonded/unbonded system)

Corrosion, accidental impact, brittle wire breaking, or coring and drilling may cause tendon failure after construction of post-tensioned structures. A structure’s strength and serviceability can be assessed and restored to its original or improved strength and serviceability.

Concrete repair for post-tensioned constructions necessitates the expertise of a specialist. Repairing, strengthening, and protecting all post-tensioned structures is a specialty of S-BR craftsmen.

S-BR post-tensioning repair services include:
• Tendon splicing for unbonded PT System
• Strand and Anchorages replacement
• Grouting and sealing cracks
• Void grouting for Bonded System
• Pour-back replacement
• Grease Caps inspection and replacement
• Buttonhead Tendons Repairs
• Stay Cable strand by strand tendon replacement
• Stay Cable full tendon replacement
• External Post-tensioning for strengthening
• Barrier Cables Repairs and Replacement

Moisture Control and waterproofing

Moisture control is essential for a structure’s efficient operation. Moisture control is critical to safeguard occupants from harmful health impacts as well as the structure, mechanical systems, and contents from physical and chemical degradation. Additionally, our waterproofing and moisture services include: hot applied rubberized asphalt, cold liquid applied membranes, drainage systems, expansion joints, traffic coatings and crack repairs.

S-BR is familiar with the many options available and has expertise selecting and implementing the best solutions for our clients.

S-BR Moisture Control and Waterproofing Repairs Services Include:
• Hot applied rubberized asphalt
• Cold liquid applied membranes
• Drainage Systems
• Expansion Joins
• Traffic Coatings
• Crack Repairs

Building Envelope Restoration

The roof, walls, below-grade waterproofing, windows, skylights, and other exterior components of a structure make up the building envelope. A building’s envelope is a complex and crucial component. It is, however, frequently the most overlooked part of a structure. To prevent water and air infiltration through the envelope, as well as moisture condensation within the envelope system, it must be properly designed, built, and sustained.

S-BR building envelope repair and restoration technologies are designed, to assist clients in understanding the root cause of their building envelope problems; so that long-term solutions can be provided.

S-BR Building Envelope Services include:
• Facade inspection support
• Leak investigation support
• Facade stabilization & strengthening
• Masonry repair & strengthening
• Corrosion mitigation & control
• Balcony repair, addition & modifications
• Caulking & window replacement
• Cornice restoration & repair
• Railing modification & repair
• Plaza decks upgrades and Repairs

Historic Restoration

Within the field of architectural conservation and historic preservation, building restoration refers to a specific treatment approach and philosophy. Historic Restoration focuses on the careful maintenance and upkeep of structures like historic sites, houses, monuments, and other significant properties. The goal of restoration is to create accurate representations of these sites while also protecting them from deterioration that could render them inaccessible or unrecognizable in the future. Existing structures can be adapted to new uses with minor modifications. Modern building codes and requirements can be met by upgrading systems.

By restoring these historic structures to their original splendor and bringing them up to modern standards, S-BR restoration technology can help you preserve history. From rigorous planning and coordination to using state-of-the-art techniques to ensure quality and timely execution of any restoration or renovation project, we understand the complexity and uniqueness connected with historic building restoration projects.

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